What Pat really wanted to talk about

From the point in Pat's decline in health and the awful alleged misdiagnosis over and over by GP doctors and the Royal Stoke University Hospital Pat wanted to tell her story. While the family was visiting she told me to publish EXACTLY what had happened to her throughout her time with these institutions funded by public money.

Pats last video

Just a number of days before Pat passed away she was well enough to contribute to the video below. Unfortunately soon after the making of this video Pat died. Remember Pat wanted to let others know exactly how these healthcare people work and shows in her own words the results.

But this video of Pat telling it the way it really is with the GP doctors and the Royal Stoke University Hospital and others  while shocking in content as she talks about it is even more shocking at the way her care and treatment progressed through what is described as a broken NHS. Doctors that shrug off the blame from misdiagnosis, A&E in hospitals that keep you sitting on a gurney for nine hours then turn you away with pain killers and even hospital subsidiaries that insist you walk until you fall are just some of the things Pat disclosed to the family.

Note that Pat had some good things to say about the Heywood Hospital and one particular ward within RSUH namely ward 201. But in the video she also pointed out that the night nurses on that ward were incredibly bad.

This video is dedicated to Pat and hopefully will shame these organizations in to changing... but in all honesty it seems nothing else will.

PLEASE tell everyone you know and feel free to pass on links to this website and/or Pats YouTube channel accessible from the top of all pages.


The complete video where Patricia describes her care


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Please note that Pat's voice was not always very loud on this video so please do turn up the sound on your computer. This video is compiled from five separate videos that covered the period of here care from her early problems right through to January 27th or thereabouts.

Thank you Pat, you did a great job of documenting your views as a patient. We know you were under extreme pain and very tired but you decided to 'tell it the way it was' as you always did in your whole life and hopefully your video will help others in a similar position.

Wherever you are you will always be in our mind and loved by everyone who knew you.

The family.