The NHS Hospital that REFUSED to allow Pat to sign authority to allow a complaint from family members

Today, 2nd February, the Royal Stoke University Hospital (same trust) as operated the Haywood Hospital has refused to allow Pat to sign a document so that family members could pursue a claim against the NHS. The form is required by NHS England complaints team for the North Midlands. It sounds like the NHS trust in question are being rather nasty in their responses to Pats wishes and the family in this ongoing saga.

Unfortunately for those NHS stalwarts, the family is in possession of a handwritten document written by Pat weeks earlier that gives a family member FULL rights to act on her behalf against these people. What did we expect they have prevaricated since they first heard about the complaint. So these are the actions of a caring NHS? The family does not think so but do you? Factually the executor of the estate will have the power also to move the case forward... and he is not 'going away' any time soon.

Why this matters

It matters because the NHS should be held to task for any wrong doing. From the start of Pats case until the sad demise of our family member there were many issues. Remember it could be you who was lying in that bed so please support this website and YouTube channel PLEASE SUBSCRIBE in every way you can and tell everyone you know. Always remember to obtain authorization in writing well in advance of the patients deterioration because without the authorization then there will be delays until the estates executor pursues the issue with power of attorney. Some organizations can delay things (and for some of them that have been involved here it seems like it might have been a plan) but ultimately they would have to answer no matter how they prevaricate.


Other issues

We recently spoke with the body that is taking the complaint forward for us (NHS England) about the submission form that they send out to complainants. We noticed that the form tells you that you have just 9 or 10 days to return the completed forms. However, after a call to their offices they did say that the time 'restriction' is actually not what it seems... in fact they can accept complaint forms after this time. Its a continuing saga of failure of complaints.


And more

Today Midlands Today came and visited Patricia's relatives and made a short presentation about how Patricia was cared for. It was presented on the Midlands Today program on the 7th February 2017. You can see the BBC web report here: See BBC report

On the 8th February Patricia's brother Anthony will have visited local Radio Stoke at their request to discuss some of the issues involved and highlighted around the care of Patricia as she described on her moving video.

When leaving Radio Stoke Patricia's brother was asked by the Sentinel about Pat's journey through the GP's and NHS and he gave a short interview regarding what Patricia's video covered and how Pat wanted to 'tell her story'. The Sentinel online feature was here: See the report



Other news will follow.