What the specialists said - The diagnosis and prognosis at the first full consultation

The recording on this page was taken with the full consent of the specialist who attended the consultation. The specialist is employed by the Royal Stoke University Hospital ( RSUH) in Stoke on Trent. Also present were relatives and another employee and everyone knew the conversation was being recorded. It was authorized at the time.

Are there any more recordings?

Unfortunately the second and final time that the family requested that the conversation be recorded the specialist advised them that she should not allow any more audio recordings of conversations as she was advised by the hospital not to allow them. It is left to you to determine why the specialist and hospital did not want audio recordings to be taken about a consultation that actually spelled out the remaining options for Patricia.

The recording in its entirety covers well over thirty minutes and goes in to some depth regarding Pat's outlook for treatment (or not) and how doctors or consultants may suggest certain routes to conclusion of a case - often advising the 'best solution for the patient'. In Pat's case ultimately she was given the choice between (absolutely not recommended) treatment and 'very likely' dying of septicemia in around a month or 'maybe' up to three months of life without treatment but in less pain. Clearly neither choice is  what anyone wants to hear.

But if Pat had been diagnosed at the outset (months before) then there would likely a chance of Pat surviving longer than just a short three months. Because Pat ended up a paraplegic the hospital did not want to offer treatment. But if the cancer had been found earlier, and that Pat had not suffered at the Bradwell Hospital as she describes on the hospital page of this website then maybe she would have had longer to live with reasonable treatment to extend her life.

Listen to this audio yourself and be prepared for the shocking conclusions and choices offered by the specialist:  The Specialist Speaks  (to be updated).

Pat has authorized the release of all content on this website and it is from Pat's own words intimated in the video and also off camera.