Who coded the website - learn about the author

My name is Anthony Mckenzie and it will be reasonably obvious that anyone in my position being advised by their sister may well want to help her in every way they can. I have had many years experience in writing websites and making YouTube videos. Pat my sister wanted me to take notes and develop this website from her own words and notes and that is exactly what I have done to highlight the way in which she was (in her own words on video) wrongfully diagnosed when in reality she had cancer. That delay she confirmed directly to me that she felt took away precious months of her life where the options given to her basically was a lose/lose situation. She believed that the doctors involved (especially at the GP surgery and one of the hospitals) did not do their job and they 'let her down miserably'. I am inclined to agree with her comments but that is just my view.

Video coverage

As my sister deteriorated since September 9th 2016 and I saw everything unfolding I could see that ultimately she would have only so long to be with us. It is an appalling shortcoming that in 2017 we have to suffer from what certainly looks like bad practices and maybe wrongful diagnosis that tear families apart like nothing else could. I discussed with Pat many aspects of her treatment and she wanted me to make a video of her where 'she tells it the way it really is' in her opinion as a patient about doctors and the 'system' of the NHS that has reduced her life through mistake after mistake about her condition.

So with that in mind I set out to video record her video for her before her eventual demise so that Pat herself can tell you exactly how bad in her opinion the doctors and NHS were (at least some parts of it) in her position as a patient. You may well find the video a touching and sad recording of someone who appears to have been let down miserably by the very people that should have cared for her better.

Of course, not all of the care was bad - and some of it was exemplary. Indeed in the video Pat will tell you who were incredibly good in her opinion and she also tells who were incredibly bad in her personal opinion as a patient. To the staff that were great well done (you know who you are) and to the others? Well I guess you would in Patricia's shoes have a few words to tell them... and if ever that happens you MUST tell them!

I sincerely hope that this website and the accompanying video of my sister near the end of her life shows things in an unbiased way and that the people involved that gave less than a basic quality service should have to answer for the issues raised throughout where justified.



Why it all matters

It all matters. The reason I agreed to put Pat's words in to text was to show what she allegedly suffered at the hands of people who are supposed to help and to 'lay bare' any aspect of healthcare that others might well experience but have no real voice to be heard. Sure there are 'complaint' procedures (for what they are worth) but none of that will bring back your loved one. I feel that by turning Pat's views in to words then you will be at least informed should anything like this happen to you. I sincerely hope it does not.

Pat has authorized the release of all content on this website and it is from Pat's own words.