About Pat Whitehouse and some of her achievements in life

Pat was born in January 1955 in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire in the UK. The family was not a wealthy family by any means so growing up was tougher than many younger people see these days. Pat has a brother Anthony, and a sister Denise. The three children outlived their parents by many years.

Pat is simply an ordinary person born in to an ordinary family in the middle of the UK. Pat went to a few schools (Grafton Road Junior School and 'Woodhouse' CSMS) so her schooling was at best average. However, Pat and her siblings knew enough of life to get by and that's exactly what Pat did.

Other things

Pat had two children 'Michael' and Christopher. But it seemed that over the years Michael for some reason or another disliked Christopher. Pat loved both children but those siblings seemed to not get on too well. Pat married a really nice man named David, a great guy who stood by Pat in thick and thin through her life but a number of years ago Pat and David agreed to divorce. However David has stayed in touch and visited regularly while Pat was in hospital. Pat always said that she loved David but they 'could not live together' and as someone who knew Patricia I could agree that she was a very strong woman indeed. It is a sad experience to see Patricia's demise in this way.


What Pat was good at doing

Pat was really good with her hands and her arts and crafts work was really quite incredible... she clearly had a wonderful ability. Even in hospital Pat continued to 'make' little dolls and other 'knick knacks' as she always had done but of course at a much slower pace.

But Pat also did more. At one time she was a councilor on the local council fighting to help others in the area. Indeed a BBC employee did say that he had spoken to her in her 'council' days and that Pat was always 'speaking the truth' and standing up for others when it mattered. Pat put a lot of faith in the NHS and believed in what the NHS and doctors were doing. That is, until the start of her illness.

Pat became disillusioned about the doctors and the NHS and the way in which she was handled from the start of her illness.

Unfortunately Pat said that after going through what she had seen that she had no faith in the doctors and they should not be in their position... she was particularly forceful about her views of those people. Pat commented that the GP's and NHS had 'failed her' and that great healthcare should be 'free' to everyone no matter how rich or poor the patient was.



Here's an image of Patricia on her 62nd Birthday on January 18th 2017. Patricia was actually an amazing and talented person that tried throughout her life to be successful with little money and some very tough times. But there is no mistaking that her strength to help other people where she could would always carry her through one way or another.

 Always remember except for pure luck it could be you in Patricia's position... and then to fight as Pat always did in life would be a wonderful achievement.

Patricia always said that she was going to 'fight the cancer' and we quote 'everything in my being tells me to fight it - that is what I should do'. Unfortunately because of the delays in diagnosis, being sent away from A&E without further investigation at the time or indeed the fall at the Bradwell hospital and the result amalgamating in to Patricia being made a paraplegic she was not able to 'fight it' in the way she so wanted to.

Patricia died at around 13:30 February 7th 2017. RIP Pat, you were an incredible person and everyone who knew you are shocked and dismayed at your passing. You will never be forgotten.


But in Life Patricia Always Helped Others

Pat had always been there to stand up and help others that typically had little or no voice of their own. Pat was a councilor in Stoke on Trent a number of years ago as we said above...


Patricia as an elected councilor at Stoke on Trent Council. 

Here is an article that was recently produced by Stoke Sentinel and written by Dave Knapper:

Councilors pay tribute to one-time community leader

By Dave_Knapper (visit http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/people/Dave_Knapper/profile.html for more information about David.

Councilors pay tribute to one-time community leader | Stoke Sentinel 03/03/2017
Patricia Whitehouse passed away at the age of 62 after a cancer battle.

Further tributes have been paid to 'feisty' former city councilor who lost her brave cancer battle.
The Sentinel reported earlier this month how Patricia Whitehouse had recorded a video from her
deathbed where she criticised the treatment she'd received from the NHS.

Patricia, aged 62, passed away at the Royal Stoke University Hospital from spinal cancer. Six months
prior she had complained to her doctor over back pain.

Previously Patricia, of Leek Road in Stoke, had been a Stoke-on-Trent City Councilor for Hanley West and Shelton.

Now members of the local authority have paid tribute to the mother-of-two.

Councilor Jean Bowers said: “She was a very enthusiastic person and very feisty. She always wanted the best for people and always had the best interests of her residents at heart."

Patricia was a councilor between 1998 and 2002 as an elected member in Stoke on Trent.

The Sentinel owns the copyright to the above article.

Patricia's Struggle to Improve Her Education

Pat also worked very hard with her education and actually spent years improving herself. She originally attended 'Woodhouse CSMS' which was a 'secondary modern' school but it's clear to see that later Patricia wanted to be educated much further: 

Staffordshire University

Degree Name - MBA (Merit)

Field Of Study - Marketing

Dates attended or expected graduation 2007 – 2011

Was awarded MBA with Merit in March 2011

Staffordshire University, MBA (Merit)


Staffordshire University

Degree Name - BA (Hons)

Field Of Study - Philosophy and International Relations Grade 2ii

Dates attended or expected graduation 1988 – 1991

Activities and Societies: Philosophy Society, Ski Club.

Patricia worked incredibly hard to achieve these results with up to four years of effort. Thankfully in those days there were little or no student fees as there are today or Patricia would have never been able to afford the courses.


Comments from colleagues that have worked with Patricia:

Andrew Chell

Information Support Worker at Workers' Educational Association

June 2, 2011, Pat was senior to Andrew but didn’t manage directly

I worked closely with Pat at the Federation of Stadium Communities on the Closer to Home: Circular Walks project between August 2008 and April 2009. During that time I never found her to be anything but fully supportive, friendly and approachable and dedicated to the success of the project that she was working on. The success of this project is testament to her hard work and skills as a project manager, and her sociable nature and sense of humour make it a pleasure to have her as a colleague. I would recommend her unhesitatingly.


Jasmine Ofori

Aftersales Assistant at Hygan Products Ltd.

May 10, 2012, Pat worked with Jasmine in the same group

It is a pleasure to work with Pat. She is enthusiastic, passionate and it shows through her teaching. Not only is she committed to running Mckenzie crafts, she also wants to give back to the community via teaching a six week course in various crafts. This benefits stoke-on- trent because more people can start more businesses to ensure growth and success, and stable income.

Working with Pat on a personal level has improved my confidence massively, her honest advice and expertise has opened my eyes to the many things that occur in businesses. She is honest, reliable, opened to suggestions and challenges herself to reach goals that she sets.


Patricia had a LinkedIn LinkedIn page here if anyone wants to visit.



Patricia was particularly good at Arts and Crafts as seen here.

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Pat has authorized the release of all content on this website and it is taken from Pats own words.